The 1088press catalogue consists of two series — BITS and BYTES — which have been created to deal with a wide range of topics in the essay literature with different approaches: BITS proposes synthetic and educational publications; BYTES offers essays of wider scope and in-depth studies. Both BITS and BYTES pursue the aim of spreading the best scientific knowledge by making it available to everyone thanks to a variety of open access formats.
In particular, the 1088press enhanced editions are digital formats which have been designed to offer a browsing experience inside each volume, by using pop-ups with notes, direct links to the glossary and the bibliography.
Moreover, most of the 1088press enhanced editions have been enriched with links to external documentation sources and videos on related topics, brief interviews with the authors and lectures held by them.

Authoritative and accessible syntheses written by the best specialists in the field on topics of interest on current research and the new frontiers of science, to find one’s bearings in the complexities and challenges of the modern world.

Essays written by authoritative names of the liberal arts and scientific fields to reflect on our current global society, on its identity, trajectory and facets.

The enhanced digital editions of 1088press

Click on the covers in this section to browse inside the enhanced edition of each volume. Inside each enhanced edition, click on the entries of the INDEX to enter the sections. Inside each page, move the mouse on the pictures to discover links to the external contents such as documents, articles, and videos. Click on the red elements to open pop-ups with notes, direct links to the glossary and the bibliography, and to many web pages related to the contents.

Only in Italian
Alberto Credi – Vincenzo Balzani
Le macchine molecolari
Only in Italian
Jonathan Molinari
L’eroismo tragico di Adamo. L’umanesimo di Pico della Mirandola
Only in Italian
Marco Zecchi
Adorare Aten. Testi dalla corte del faraone Akhenaten
Bilingual Ed. ENG/ITA
David I. Kertzer
Nicholas Brown and the Roman revolution of 1848 / e la rivoluzione romana del 1848