1088press is an editorial project stemming from the full awareness of the social and institutional roles Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna has assumed since its founding in 1088 within the international context of higher education and academic research.

Amongst the most important aims pursued by 1088press, there is that of spreading the best scientific knowledge, widening the traditional readership of essays, to further the dissemination of content even amongst a non specialist audience, as well as stimulating public debate and reflection on themes of use to face the pressing challenges of the global world. In this sense, the disciplinary wealth and the immense scope of competences warranted by the University of Bologna represent the foundation on which to build a dialogue open to both Italian and foreign researchers and scholars, with whom, thanks to the possibility of publishing both in Italian or in English, to draw the maps tracing the pathways of knowledge for future generations.

For this reason, 1088press has been created with great conviction open, inclusive and accessible, that is, readable in Open Access, as well as on traditional hard copy developed in collaboration with Bononia University Press.

The outstanding scientific quality of the material published by 1088press, ensured by rigorous peer review, will be also conveyed online by groundbreaking enhanced fruition systems, so as to stimulate the innovation and experimentation of methods for the dissemination of scientific content, thanks to the use of multimedia (audio and video) and digital platforms for integrative content (webGIS, databases, galleries).