Open Access and 1088press

Open Access (OA) is the commonly used expression to describe the free circulation and full accessibility of  the results of scientific and academic research.

Typically, Open Access publications are digital, online and free to readers, mainly unbound from the restrictions placed by copyright and licensing agreements. Making the most of the resources offered by the web, texts are made freely available to readers, making dissemination of research easier, quicker, broader and less expensive.

Many researchers and a growing number of institutions  (the European Union and UNESCO amongst these) promote and support Open Access because they believe knowledge and information are a common good    and that the results of research subsidized by public funds should be shared and available.  The free availability of results not only favours their global diffusion, but, promoting the sharing of knowledge amongst researchers, and between them and the public, favours the advancement of knowledge and increases its social impact.

OA publications by 1088press are issued under Creative Commons licences. Further details about Creative Commons licenses are available at: