Filippo Ferrari – Sebastiano Moruzzi
Dall’indagine alla post-indagine

(Title’s translation: Truth and post-truth. From enquiry to post-enquiry)

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Conspiracy theories, fake news and credulity in social media are responsible for the current tension in the social debate. An analysis of these phenomena, articulated in five possible reading paths, outlines the key concepts of truth, post-truth and investigation, providing some theoretical models capable of relaunching rational discussion. Philosophy, with its tools, here becomes an effective antidote against the denialist tendencies that undermine the dialectic between experts and non-experts, the foundation of knowledge and democracy.


Filippo Ferrari is the principal investigator of the Stars@UniPD Project Abductive methodology in the philosophy of logic project, funded by the University of Padua. His current research focuses on some foundational issues in epistemic normativity in relation to truth, disagreement, enquiry, and logic. Ferrari has published several articles on these issues in international journals and volumes.

Sebastiano Moruzzi is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Language Theory at the University of Bologna. His research interests concern relativism, the nature of disagreement, ontological theories, theories of truth, theories of vagueness, and some issues of Epistemology and Philosophy of Logic. He is also interested in educational innovation and philosophy with children.



Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
Via Zamboni 33, 40126 Bologna (Italy)

ISBN: 978-88-31926-20-1
DOI/ISBN-A: 10.978.8831926/225
DOI: 10.12878/1088pressbit2020_2

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Firs edition: October 2020