Paola Focardi
Breve viaggio nella scienza che ci ha resi infinitamente piccoli

(Title’s translation: The Mankind and the Cosmos)

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Since immemorial times men have observed the sky and the stars, capturing the manifestation of a higher order in the regularity of the apparent celestial motions, from which to draw signs that could make sense of their present and indicate the course of future actions. The investigation of the sky has always determined man’s perception of his place in the universe.
Going through the history of this insistent scrutiny — from the first mythical-religious representations of the universe to the birth of scientific astronomy and instrumental observations — the volume reveals the progressive cracking of man’s illusion of being at the center of creation and the gradual discovery of a universe that is larger and larger, and which appears to be indifferent to us and to our fate.


Paola Focardi is a professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna. She studies the aggregation properties of galaxies on different scales, with the aim of clarifying the connections between their characteristics and the environment in which they were formed. She has collaborated on international projects and has spent long periods at prestigious foreign institutions. Since 2018 she has been the scientific coordinator of the Specola Museum (Bologna), where she carries out an intense dissemination activity.

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DOI: 10.12878/1088pressbyte2019_3
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First edition: December 2019