Engaging in the translation of Mireille’s work has been a wonderful and inspiring project, one that deepened and expanded our thinking and experience as lawyers and as human beings, who live in a complex and evolving world. It also gave us the opportunity to reconnect, after many years, to work together – and for this we are very grateful.
This translation would not have set sail without the support and determination of Professor Michele Caianiello and Federico Casolari. Thanks also to Nicolò Marchetti for believing in this project and to Saša Ilić for her enthusiasm and courage in taking on the challenge to translate it.
Many thanks to Diane Amann for her thoughtful introduction to Mireille’s work.
Special thanks to Antoine Portanguen for working with rigor, enthusiasm and imagination to make this project possible.
Last but not least, many thanks to Antonio Benincà as he continues the Project of the Compass of Possibilities, and for the many helpful exchanges during the preparation of this publication.
We hope this work will contribute in keeping Mireille Delmas-Marty’s thought alive and relevant.

Emanuela Fronza and Chiara Giorgetti