The nanomachines at the Cagliari Festivalscienza

Nobel prize molecular machines
23 September 2019
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19 November 2019

Cagliari, November 2019. Finalist of the “Giancarlo Dosi” Scientific Dissemination Prize, the book Le macchine molecolari (Molecular machines) and Alberto Credi – co-author with Vincenzo Balzani – are among the protagonists of the Cagliari FestivalScienza, on November 7-12.
In the framework of this 12th edition dedicated to the topic Science is Culture – of which 1088press is one of the publishing partners with its publications in open access – Alberto Credi intervenes on the issue Molecular machines: science fiction or reality?, in conference on November 11th, EXMA’ , at 4 pm.

The creation of nanometric machines has long initiated an authentic industrial revolution, that moves from laboratories exploring innumerable applications, towards an ever closer and more tangible future. From material technology to information technology, from medicine to robotics, molecular machines have started new research, dissemination and production processes.

Where | Cagliari FestivalScienza, at the EXMA’

When | November 11th, at 4.00 pm


The construction of molecular sized machines is an outstanding scientific result and a primary goal of nanotechnology. We are, by now, on the threshold of a new industrial revolution

Alberto Credi is Full Professor of Chemistry at Bologna University, and the director of the Centre for Light Activated Nanostructures (CLAN).
Vincenzo Balzani is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Bologna