7 May 2021

A season to the beat of Bits

Are rare diseases really rare? The 1088press Bits series promises to be full of new publications on highly topical issues! The new Italian essay Le malattie rare is now available in the Bits series by 1088press [...]
27 May 2020

A new title in the Bits series

Molecular Machines, the English edition of the Italian essay Le macchine molecolari by Alberto Credi and Vincenzo Balzani, has been released in the Bits series. The design and construction of machines and motors of molecular size is a stimulating scientific challenge and a primary objective of nanotechnology [...]
19 December 2019

A new release in the Bytes series

Bologna, December 2019 - The 1088press catalog is enriched with a new title: L'Uomo e il Cosmo, by Paola Focardi, professor of History of Astronomy at the University of Bologna (fourth volume of the Bytes series, dedicated to in-depth essays. The author proposes a short journey into [...]
28 November 2019

1088press: two new volumes to be discovered

Bologna, November 28, 2019. The publishing activity of 1088press continues with two books dedicated respectively to Ancient Egypt and the Italian Risorgimento. The two new essays will be supplemented by documents, illustrations and multimedia contents, in the soon-to-be accessible enhanced edition [...]
16 September 2019

Adorare Aten: the lecture’s video at the Museo Egizio in Turin

Turin, September 2019. Inscriptions in hieroglyphic, images of finds and archaeological sites make up the iconographic apparatus of the lecture Worship Aten: the theme of joy in the solar texts of the kingdom of Akhenaten, held by Marco Zecchi at the Egyptian Museum of Turin, last May 28th. The video of the lecture it is available [...]