Open, inclusive and accessible, 1088press is an editorial project in open access, stemming from the full awareness of the social and institutional roles, which the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna has assumed since its founding in 1088 within the international context of higher education and scientific research.


L’UOMO E IL COSMOPaola Focardi’s new essay L’Uomo e il Cosmo (“The Mankind and the Cosmos”) has been released in the Bytes series. The author guides us on a short journey through that branch of science that has made us “infinitely small”, from the first mythical-religious representations of the universe to the birth of astronomy as a science and instrumental observations.

The publication is available in paperback and in pdf format, only in Italian.

ADORARE ATEN – The new publication Adorare Aten. Testi dalla corte del faraone Akhenaten (title’s translation: WORSHIP ATEN. Texts from the court of the Pharaoh Akhenaten ) by Marco Zecchi, has been released in the Bytes series. An overview on the religious policy of a unique ruler, with a rich Appendix of texts newly translated from the hieroglyphic originals.

The publication is available in many different formats, only in Italian.

NICHOLAS BROWN – The new publication Nicholas Brown and the Roman revolution of 1848 / e la rivoluzione romana del 1848, by David I. Kertzer, has been released in the Bytes series. The significant and proactive role of the only official representative of the U.S. government in Rome at the time of the Roman revolution of 1848.

The publication is available in a bilingual edition English/Italian.


1088press enhanced editions are digital formats in open access, available for free online. Each enhanced edition has been designed to offer new digital additional contents in respect of the print and pdf editions, as well as a better browsing experience on the pages of each volume, with pop-ups and direct links to notes, glossary entries and new external documentation sources with text-related content.