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28 November 2019
A new title in the Bits series
27 May 2020

Bologna, December 2019 – The 1088press catalog is enriched with a new title: L’Uomo e il Cosmo, by Paola Focardi, professor of History of Astronomy at the University of Bologna (fourth volume of the Bytes series, dedicated to in-depth essays). The author proposes a short journey into that branch of science that has made us “infinitely small”, through the most significant stages and discoveries, the great debates and the disputes, from ancient times to the present day.

The volume is available both in paperback edition – produced and distributed with the collaboration of the Bononia University Press – and in pdf format, downloadable for free. It is also available in the “enhanced” digital format, enriched with new related contents.


Since immemorial times men have observed the sky and the stars, capturing the manifestation of a higher order in the regularity of the apparent celestial motions, from which to draw signs that could make sense of their present and indicate the course of future actions

Paola Focardi is a professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna. She studies the aggregation properties of galaxies on different scales, with the aim of clarifying the connections between their characteristics and the environment in which they were formed